As the management of companies is becoming increasingly demanding, a new-thinking manager needs social intelligence above all. Rethinking managers are both generalists and specialists because, in addition to their professional expertise, they can establish and manage idea processes, know about the diversity of genders, understand worldly contexts and think and act sustainably, as well as lead and motivate creatively and empathetically.


For all human design insiders:

G.Lück -Projector 6/2 - heart-centered authority with X-ray vision for

Your being and the connections:


  • Mindshift Change Maker
  • Soulbranding & positioning expert
  • True & Higher Self Mentor via: Genekeys & Human Design & Soul Communication
  • Heart minded Speaker
  • Creative Head of thinknewgroup
  • Author
  • Blogchain & Crypto Enthusiast
  • Brand & People Coach
  • Femaleshift Mentor

My mentoring and speaker topics include: The integration of feminine values and parts in you and your business - "How do I find myself and my mission in life? As a People & Brand Consultant: I work with tools such as Spiritual Dynamics, Business Codes, Metaphysics, Human Design, Gene Keys, thinknew-Soulbranding and NLP to bring you and your company into your fullness, your true and higher self.


Creative Direction, Positioning, Brand Sense Foundation, Strategy & Creative Performance NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming), Systemics: Spiral Dynamics, Metaphysics and Energetics Business Coaching: Human Design, Gene Keys.


Individual consulting packages and workshops:

  • Workshop: How to catch the Big Idea
  • Workshop: thinknew idea-Management
  • Workshop: Creative Performance
  • Workshop: Creative Direction
  • Workshop: Brand Role und Brand Strategy
  • Potential 1-to-1  Coachings via e.g. Human Design, Gene Keys
  • Team constellation and team coaching via e.g. Human Design, Gene Keys
  • Workshop: Brand meaning
  • Workshop: Emotionalization of the brand
  • Workshop: Conquering new brand potential: Megatrend feminization
  • Workshop: Gender Marketing
  • Exclusive: Modular training to become a thinknew manager


This is a working method for the targeted maximization of creativity. It is about holistically shaping the process from the company, product, team and individual to the formulation of the briefing in such a way that new thinking can unfold: Space in which excellent ideas can be created, protected and promoted! Among other things, this process is about psychologically beneficial ways of thinking and acting for top creatives in order to achieve top output for themselves and the group.

Among other things, the questions are answered:

• How do I create a creative environment?
• How do I ensure motivating cooperation?
• How do I come up with great ideas?
• How do I leave old patterns behind in order to open up to new ones?

This process is sustainably supported by the thinknew methodology toolbox.


From classic advertising agencies, digital, event and trade fair agencies to advertising, marketing and every department that wants to ensure and maximize creative processes and ideas as a team. Copywriters, art directors, concept developers, planners, consultants - anyone involved in the creative process.

Further information and combinations on request.



Saturdays 7pm at RAUM DER FÜLLE - Soul-Talk on Clubhouse -

I'm looking forward to you - to networking - Lets change the world with an Open Heart & Mind. Look forward to good vibes + inspiration + heart-centered thinking that creates lightness and abundance. Become a part of the #SpaceofFullness yourself

"How about more encouragers instead of doubters? More willers instead of villagers? More heart-thinking understanding leaders? More togetherness instead of ego-broadeners, more women in leadership? More diversity promoters? More all-things-hang-together-understanders? More laughter and courage losers? More humanity-preservers? More now-handlers and non-pushers. More respect for nature and we are one visionaries?" _ Gabi Lück