03. Mai 2024

Jump into the manifestation energy of your financial abundance - dive into your personal happiness and support the City of New Lights

From Thursday,  May 16 to May 23, we will start a transformative wave of money manifestation for your personal abundance. Under the guidance of renowned Soulbranding & Vision Mentor Gabi Lück and Happy Life Coach and Consciousness Trainer Christina Steiner (Shakti Ma), we will immerse ourselves in a 30 minute session that will not only bring us closer to the art of money manifestation, but also awaken our inner feelings of abundance. By jumping into your own financial power, you simultaneously support the financial energy of the City of New Lights. To energetically manifest your personal abundance, you must feel the new money energy. Through the training, you will gain more and more wealth by Through training, you gain more and more wealth by magnetizing your own energy field.  It's not enough just to think about it. It's about reprogramming your own DNA field and feeling it. Because typically, 95% of people are limited and cannot imagine receiving higher sums of money: It's about embodiment.

Therefore, we are starting an eight-day energy session. Starting on Thursday, May 16th, we will begin every morning at 8 a.m. with a 30-minute session that will explain once again how you can bring yourself into a higher money manifestation energy, after which we will start together with a meditation and then jump. Questions can be answered at the end.