Timo Alexander Morawitz - Geschäftsführer SAAS

Ms. Lück is an excellent positioning expert. She knows how to magnetize brands masterfully by opening up a common understanding for a valuable new way of thinking and bringing it to life with a unique strategy and creation: from the corporate identity to the website and design of the brand world and strategy. All with a lot of heart and attention to detail.

Bernhard Weber - Geschäftsführer Weko Wohnen GmbH

Thanks to her high level of expertise and her in-depth expert knowledge of the market and target groups, Ms. Lück recognized that we should emphasize our furnishing expertise much more strongly and, above all, build a closer emotional relationship with our female clientele. Their expertise convinced us, as did their in-depth and strategic approach, from qualitative market research and workshops to creative strategic brand management, including sustainable employee training. The agency has thus laid the foundation for the new branding to reach our customers in a targeted manner with a high emotional relevance. Ms. Lück and her team worked on this complex task in a creative and pleasant collaboration with our employees and myself as equals. The result of the development of our new brand identity is a modern and holistic image with which we position ourselves in a much more emotional and targeted way. This has been achieved to our complete satisfaction. I can only recommend Ms. Lueck and her agency in this regard. Many thanks again for the excellent work!


The cooperation with Ms. Lück was consistently positive. Very
lively, out-of-the-box thinking, the name of the agency says it all.
She's also a lot of fun to work with, she knows exactly what she's doing
what she does and brings it to the stage with ease and enthusiasm. Everything is great.


Gabi Lück knows what she is talking about. She is an expert in brands,
emotional presentation. She really impressed and inspired me on stage!
The audience was enthusiastic about Gabi. I can definitely recommend Gabi!


Ms. Lück is one of the few female experts in marketing who has brought about the topic of
feminization with creativity and absolute professionalism.
She completely inspired me with her presentation and simply gets to the heart of the issue.
to the point. Her results reflect her many years of experience
experience. A real ray of hope! Many thanks for the captivating presentation.


Gabi Lück is a professional through and through.
More than recommendable in her field!


Great speaker! Refreshingly honest! Gabi has the
ability to tackle serious topics with a pinch of humor
with a pinch of humor! Her message is clear and unambiguous
and thought-provoking.


Gabi Lück is truly a pioneer when it comes to female values,
female thinking and, above all, the "FACTOR WOMAN" in marketing.
She recognized the signs of the times when others were still following in the footsteps of the
patriarchal PR machinery. A tough,
competent and thoroughly warm-hearted personality who combines creativity
creativity, specialist knowledge and a new, very feminine and yet strong
yet strong approach - also on stage, where she impressed with her
stage, where her presentation is completely convincing and captivating.


Ms. Lück shakes up a hot topic and understands very well how to
the right impulses of the time. Many thanks for her courage.


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